6 Facebook Ads Targeting Options To Reach Travellers

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6 Facebook Ads Targeting Options To Reach Travellers

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It’s impossible to imagine successful online marketing without Facebook as a significant tool. Especially in the travel industry, Facebook has become the go-to platform when it comes to sharing vacation moments, pictures and videos during or after a trip.

However, only a fraction of businesses is using Facebook Advertising to tremendously increase their potential reach and tap into new target audiences at very affordable cost-per-click prices.

Many tourism and travel businesses are still wondering if Facebook advertising works? The answer is: Totally. If it’s done right.

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This article aims to show targeting options to reach travellers with Facebook Ads in order to go beyond the declining organic reach many Facebook business pages are seeing.

1. Interest targeting

Facebook Laser Targeting by Interest and Hobbies

This is possibly the most obvious targeting option. Also because Facebook lets you laser target your audience, which is super powerful.

Have a look at Interests > Hobbies and Activities > Travel and you can find potential travellers interested in a variety of things from adventure to cruises to ecotourism, hotels or theme parks.

For example say, you are a hotel in the Maldives, you may want to think about targeting interest around water, such as diving, beaches, and other water and outdoor activities.

Yes, you can totally target sun tanning too! I would start pretty broad on this and narrow it down as you go.

And if you are a hotel in Macau, you’ll probably want to take advantage of the targeting called Casino Vacations.

2. Target by relationship status

Facebook Advertising Relationship Targeting

Targeting by relationship status, from single to married, separated, civil union, divorced, complicated and much more, is a fantastic option for accommodation providers wanting to reach honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic holiday.

Or target those singles looking for the hippest party place in town.

This option should not be confused with the household type.

The Interest section also has an additional Family and Relationships section, where things like Dating, Parenting, Friendship or Weddings can be targeted.

3. Target by type of traveller

Facebook Advertising Travel Campaigns

Now we are getting down to a bit more intent because the previous two options are great, but maybe they are not actively looking to travel right now.

Head into the Behaviour section and you’ll find options from Business Travellers who most likely travel frequently for work, to leisure travellers, frequent international travellers, Timeshares and much more.

Here you can also target people who have just returned from a trip.

4. Target people celebrating a special event in life

FB Ads Travel Industry

Are you a tour operator or hotel offering something special for married couples? Then, you need to take advantage of Life Events.

This way, you can reach people who have their anniversaries coming up in the next month or two which makes it really powerful for you to slip in a special promo for these particular events.

Your customers will be wondering if you read their mind!

You can also target people with upcoming birthdays, newlyweds, newly engaged couples and those in a new relationship or a long-distance relationship.

5. Target by expats or people living away from home

Location Targeting Facebook Ads

Making use of the locations targeting makes sense. This way, you can target travellers who have just entered your location but who normally live further away.

Secondly, under Life Events, you can also target people who are away from their hometown.

Finally, the Behaviour targeting has also a large section called Expats, listing expats in many different countries around the world, including families of expats and close friends. This could be a nice way to get hold of those living in e.g. New York, who are looking to visit their expat friends overseas in the United Kingdom.

6. Target per household composition

Household Composition FB AdsTargeting families with children can be a great opportunity for family-friendly destinations and all-inclusive resorts or cruise ships.

In retrospect, young parents may not travel for a long period of time but rather do weekends away.

There are even more possibilities to narrow it down further under Demographics > Parents so you could be targeting parents with early school-age children or with teenagers who will probably vacation away during set school holidays. Or those with toddlers or adult children who are not bound to specific state school holiday times.

Remember to always test out different options and don’t stick to only one. I would love to see what great targeting combinations you come up with.

If you are thinking of tapping into Facebook Ads or have done already with little success, then it might be time to hire a Facebook Advertising Expert. 

We at Breathing Social Media combine our two biggest passions: Social media & travel, which we both live and breathe in everyday life.

We would love to help take your business to the next level through Facebook Ads, simply get in touch to book a FREE 30-minute strategy call.


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