Does Facebook Advertising Work For The Tourism Industry?

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November 24, 2017
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December 19, 2017

Does Facebook Advertising Work For The Tourism Industry?

Facebook Advertising for Tourism

Are you a tourism business? Do you use social media to market your holiday offers?

Have you tapped into Facebook Advertising yet?

The travel and tourism industry has widely accepted social media as another channel for directly inspiring and marketing exciting holidays to their consumers.

And it totally makes sense to leverage social media, with over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, travellers looking for their next destination are most definitely on the network. Other highly visual networks such as Instagram and Pinterest have also claimed their spot for sharing holiday pictures from near and far.

Over 85% of millennials look online to get inspired for their next travel destination, accommodation and activities.

Organic Reach Is On The Decline

With organic reach on Facebook declining for months on end and paid reach increasing simultaneously, it might make sense for your company to eye paid advertising methods on social media to drive awareness, increase leads and ultimately bookings.

There are already some great success stories out there from tourism businesses reaching multiple million people, decreasing cost per lead as well as increasing website visits and overall yearly revenue.

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Which Facebook Ads Tools Can You Use As A Travel Business?

Using Video Ads

When it comes to travel, nothing will stand out as much as a video to tell you brand’s story. Video Ads are a fantastic tool to use for driving awareness and increasing purchase intent with a combination of sight and sound.

Leveraging Custom Audiences

Your company most likely already collects a lot of data, like the visitors you get on your website or people who are signed up for travel deals on your email list. Finding and remarketing to those people who have already heard about your brand and continuing the conversation through an advertising campaign is really powerful and lets you cross- and up-sell more effectively.

This only works when your Facebook Pixel is installed and in the right place.

Tapping Into Lookalike Audiences

Once you have set up custom audiences to retarget warm audiences, you can additionally tap into reaching new customers through creating similar audiences that may be interested in your products.

Facebook will look for people with similar demographic information or interests. Lookalike audiences can be created from your website visitors, email list or Facebook fans and page engagement.

Here is a quick guide to getting started with lookalike audiences.

Serving Messages In A Creative Way With Carousel Ads

Single image ads have their advantage, but when it comes to showcasing a whole experience, Carousel Ads can come in handy as they can inspire people to take a very specific action

Facebook Dynamic Ads For Travel

Using dynamic ads for travel combined with laser targeting, can not only increase bookings but lower the cost per booking and cost per acquisition which overall results in landing better results faster.

Increasing Awareness With Instagram Advertising

You most likely already know about the power of Instagram. Being a visual platform, it is highly recommended if you are a travel business, to take advantage of the platform.

Organic posts can, in combination with the right hashtags, still reach a whole lot more people than you can on your Facebook Business Page. The algorithm is changing on Instagram too but it’s still not as tight as it is on your Facebook Page where you reach on average 5 to 15% of your Facebook fans with an organic post. Bigger pages have seen an even more dramatic decrease in organic reach, down to 2%!

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So, Should Your Business Be Using Facebook Advertising?

Social Media and especially Facebook is a great pick for travel and tourism businesses, from airlines, hotels, tour agents to travel distributors and aggregators. First, because your business’ target audience is already on Facebook. And they are looking to be inspired by travel destinations and experiences!

If you need some additional inspiration for crafting your Facebook Ads, AdEspresso has a great Facebook Ads Example library for many different industries including travel.

At Breathing Social Media, we combine our two biggest passions: Social media & travel, which we both live and breathe in everyday life.

We would love to help take your business to the next level through Facebook Ads, simply get in touch to book a FREE 30-minute strategy call.

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