3 Facebook Custom Audiences Every Business Needs To Leverage In Their Ad Campaigns

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3 Facebook Custom Audiences Every Business Needs To Leverage In Their Ad Campaigns

Facebook Custom Audiences

You most probably know that it is much easier to sell to a person who has already heard from you than someone who has never seen your brand or company before. Strengthening your existing connections is not only beneficial when it comes to engagement but also when you are aiming to increase sales.

That’s when Facebook Custom Audiences come in. Essentially, Facebook is helping you compare the data you already collected, such as people who visited your website or on your email list, with their (huge!) database. This way you can find your existing customers on Facebook and make them an irresistible offer once again.

Custom Audience for FacebookHere are the top 3 Facebook Custom Audience every business should create immediately!

1. Your Website Visitors

First of all, you should create a Custom Audience for all your website visitors. I recommend you do that for several different time spans, I usually use 30, 60 and 90 days, anything beyond that may be a bit too much. Because people who visited your website more than 3 months ago are unlikely to remember your business.

If you sell products or services on your site directly or have an opt-in for your email list, I recommend you create a few different audiences here too.

This way you can reach people who visited a sales page but didn’t complete the purchase and encourage them to go back to complete the sale, which can be done through a specific offer, upsell or upgrade to this audience.

Likewise, you could build two custom audiences for your opt-in and thank-you page which you use to build your email list. Retargeting people who have been to your opt-in page but haven’t left their email address is very powerful. Remember that they already clicked but probably got distracted filling out their details as people just have more than one tab open in their browsers these days.

2. Your Email List

Your email list (or phone number list) is a warm audience you do not want to miss when retargeting with Facebook Ads. Having a list of customers ready to go takes the stress out of figuring out and testing different targeting options to find your ideal audience, which is especially valuable when starting out with Facebook advertising.

Excluding your current email list makes also sense when running a conversion campaign to a cold audience through targeting. This way you don’t pay twice if Facebook finds people that are already on your Email list.

Lastly, if you have a list of raving fans already, you will have the advantage that you can create lookalike audiences, so people who have similar attributes to the ones already on your list, who have a definite interest in your business.

Custom Audience Social Media Ads3. Your Facebook Page Engagement

An Engagement Custom Audience is made up of all the people who have engaged with your content. There are a few different types you can create, such as Engagement audiences from a video, lead form, Facebook Page, Canvas, Instagram business profile or an event.

I recommend you play around with this, but to keep it simple at the start, definitely create a Facebook Page Engagement audience and one from your Instagram business profile.

You have to understand that engagement refers to the actions like viewing a video, commenting on a Facebook post or visiting your profile. If you want to increase your overall engagement, it’s a good idea to leverage those people who have already engaged with your content in the past.

Also, you can use the data from this audience to create a lookalike audience, who will, in turn, be more likely more engaged with your content than an audience you found through plain targeting.

Your Turn

Let’s create some Custom Audiences! Maybe you have already created some other creative ones, I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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