Need some external eyes and ears on your existing social media channels to make the most out of them? I can help you identify social media opportunities for your company you may not have thought about and map out action steps to reach your specific goals. After all, social media can be a great communication channel where you can reach your audience faster and more personal than ever before. Even if you are struggling to get started on social media at all, I can initially help you with a strategic approach.

We all seemingly know how to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And yet, using social media as a business strongly differentiates from being on it personally. Realising its potential for business and understanding your business current status quo is the starting point to any social media consultation. With social media platforms adding new features and functions almost every week, it can be a challenge to stay on top of changes and new developments and aligning your existing strategy accordingly.




There is a lot we could talk about in about 45 minutes! In an initial consultation we meet and listen to what you have to say about your business, overall marketing efforts and what your ideal customer looks like.



You are active on social media, consistently creating awesome content and being out there holding conversations with your customers. Yet, you are having difficulties converting them, capturing leads or simply want some additional eyes and ears on your existing strategy to become even more awesome, then I may be able to help.



I love to use tools to scale social media and help implement it into your existing workflow. No matter which channels you want to tackle, I am here to hold you hand to tackle the challenges as we implement your strategy into real actions.


Want to get started on social media but don't know how? Already mastered building a community on social but need suggestions to optimise? Or simply feel stuck with your current state on social? Leave me a message below and tell me what you are looking for!